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DT Recycling

DT Recycling, established in 2010, is a recycling link between the waste producer and down-stream solutions. The company is dealing in Scandinavia as well as other European countries.

DT Recycling offers total solutions to the customers waste flow everything from loading, transport and disposal/recycling.

Everything from applications for diverse permits to demolition planning, sampling, soil remediation permits, and recycling of different waste products.


We offer an innovative approach, with the greatest possible recycling level, receive, organize and treat soil and construction waste, plant and industrial water and groundwater.

We offer the best available recycling solution to our customers.

Cost-effective & Effective service

To offer our knowledge to companies in Scandinavia and/or other countries, on the Scandinavian recycling market, industry and environmental laws.

We offer our environmental market knowledge for companies who need it.

Who are our customers:

Anyone who throws anything away of sufficient quantity is a potential customer. Our customers come from all different branches.

-Construction & Demolition companies

-Transportation sector

-State and local governments


-Office buildings and property managers

-Dredging companies

-Excavation companies

-Oil/energy companies

-Landscaping companies

-Other waste/recycling companies

-Real Estate companies


What type of wastes can we help you with?

Typically the following:

Solid waste, Recyclables of all types, Organic and food, Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris, Wastewater, Hazardous waste, Industrial waste & Special waste

DT Recycling treats your construction and industrial waste for sorting, recycling and/or final disposal.

DT Recycling is an independent player in the recycling market. With their employees' broad expertise and long experience the company wants to help you with all your waste issues and recycling projects.

DT Recycling offers:

-Handling and recycling of soil, asphalt, organic waste, etc.

-Handling and processing of contaminated sites.

-Management and treatment of industrial waste.

-Sorting and recycling of building waste.

-Sales of raw materials.

-Sales of recyclable material.

-Final disposal of non-processable materials.

-Final disposal of sorted materials.

For additional information please contact: +46(0) 767 656 400



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DT Recycling AB


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DT Recycling AB


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DT Recycling AB

Hemsögatan 13

21124 Malmö

Kontoret, Hemsögatan: 0738-70 30 14

DT Recycling AB

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